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11 Barnetts Road, Winston Hills NSW 2153

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Out of Hours I.T is your computer support specialist when you need it most, after work and on weekends. Computer support, advice and training after hours.
Do you find yourself needing computer help and computer support after work, after hours or on weekends when no one is available?
Out of Hours I.T will come to your house and advise you, help you or train you when you need it most.
Currently supporting Sydney


Some of the services we provide:

- Computer purchase
- Internet provider
- Child friendly choices
- Home office set up
- Virus protection
- Upgrades

Help & Support
- File recovery
- Faulty computer
- Transferring files
- Unknown errors
- Slow computer
- Internet problems

- New computer(s)
- Home network
- Internet connectivity
- Software installation
- Virus protection
- Spam protection

- Using your computer
- How to use Windows
- Email software
- Basic internet use
- Microsoft Office
- Basic troubleshooting

Plus lots more.
Call or email today and see how we can help you.


Mon - Fri : 7pm - 1am
Sat - Sun : All Weekend

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